Jordan Wess is a Player You Need to Know

If you’re a regular reader of Top Gun 7v7 then you know we have a tendency to look for the kid that is often being overlooked by many of the individuals in this profession. This past weekend at the Pylon 7v7 National Championships in Dallas, Texas, we found another diamond among many diamonds; Jordan Wess.

Jordan Wess is a Wide Receiver at Grapevine High School. A recent transfer from V.R. Eaton High School, Wess is looking to put a stamp on a largely successful high school career. A career for the most part that has gone un-noticed. Wess is looking to change that in 2017. Jordan is coming off a junior campaign in which he achieved 1st team All District honors. 730 yards receiving on 53 catches while finding the end zone 7 times would be a great season for most kids, but not Wess. He wants more. He wants to dominate his opponents on the field. The ultimate team player, Jordan ran routes for 3 games without seeing one pass come his way. Instead of complaining, he continued to run every route and throw every block as if the game was on the line. Factoring in his average yards-per-game and you’re looking at Jordan having a 1000-yard season as a receiver…Impressive.

Top Gun 7v7 caught up with Jordan Wess:

Jordan tell me why you transferred to Grapevine? “I transferred because my mother’s job relocated her to the other side of Texas. It made the commute better for her.”

What are you looking to achieve in your senior season? “I’m looking for my team to get to state. If I can post 1400 yards receiving in the course of achieving our team goals, that would be great. I would love to be 1st team All State. I know I have ability to do it.”

What schools are you hearing from the most? “Yale, Columbia, Texas Tech, and TCU are schools I hear the most from.”

We know you played with Boom at the Pylon National Championships. What was that like? ” That was an amazing experience. To be able to play on a team that has that kind of winning tradition was incredible. Boom has incredible players and awesome coaches! Coach Sam in particular was great getting me up to speed on the Boom offense.”

Top Gun 7v7 has seen you at several camps over the last year. What makes you grind so hard? “A lot of it is because of what I’ve been told I can’t do! I’m working hard to prove all the doubters I’m a real D1 Talent!

Who would you say is your biggest support system? “My parents support me 100%. Whatever I need to do they’re in! The long drives, spending money, the time and the support! Nothing is off limits to them when it comes to my goals.”

One last question, what should fans be prepared to do when they watch you this season? “Get the popcorn ready! It’s gonna be a show this season!”

As Jordan Wess has clearly stated…This season is going to be a show! Top Gun 7v7 will be watching.

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