Mississippi Grinding!

Recently Top Gun 7v7 traveled to Orlando to attend the Under Armour All-American Game festivities. To be sure there was a ton of raw athletic ability on display. Some of the top 2018 high school football recruits gathered to display their athletic ability to those in attendance and those watching from around the Nation. If you’re a regular reader of Top Gun 7v7 then you know we love to find those diamonds in the rough! This time however, the diamond was found in the persona of Demetric D. Warren, founder of the nationally ranked Mississippi Grind.

If you have ever had the good fortune to have a meaningful conversation with Coach Warren, then you can consider yourself touched by a true information savant. For such a young man coach Warren is wise beyond his years. He is one of the most credible source of grassroots football knowledge this writer has ever had the privilege to meet. His grasp on the space validates the many hats he wears. Coach Warren is a member of the Under Armour All American Selection committee, the Under Armour Future 50 committee, all the Under Armour camps, and the Prime 21 camp series. In other words, coach Warren is a very busy man. When you talk with him about the Mississippi Grind you can see the light in his eyes brighten!

This year the Mississippi Grind will field one of the top 7v7 teams in the country. Jarrion Ealy, Dannis Jackson, Brandon Turnage, Diwun Black, Kevin Barnett, Jarrian Jones, Hakeem Vance and Zach Edwards will be vital pieces to the Mississippi Grind puzzle this year. A team loaded with All American talent everywhere, Top Gun 7v7 expects the Grind to justify their high pre-season ranking.

Knowing what we know about Coach Warren and the Mississippi Grind program, we know the athletes under his tutelage have already won! Keep Grinding Coach…we see you!!!

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