Terrace Marshall Jr – Top Gun 7v7 Receiver of the Year

Bootleggers 7v7

Terrace Marshall Jr has been selected as the Top Gun 7v7 Wide Receiver of the Year.  Marshall Jr plays 7v7 for the Louisiana Bootleggers and for Parkway High School in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Marshall Jr is one of the most sought-after recruits of the 2018 class.  TopGun7v7 got a chance to catch up with Coach Latson(Marshall’s Trainer) to see what makes Marshall Jr so special.

Describe what it has been like working with Terrace: “Terrace was already an elite player when I started working with him.  I was only putting the icing on the cake.  Terrace is like a sponge.  He could already take the top off a defense when I started working with him, so we sharpened his releases and getting in and out of breaks.  What I call pro release versus high school releases.”

How do you think Terrace will evolve as a college receiver? “Terrace is one of the hardest working guys I have ever trained.  I think Terrace will be the best receiver in college football as a freshman.  The kid is just that good and I have worked with some of the best.”

Coach Latson’s background:  When Coach Latson says he has worked with some of the best receivers, he literally has trained some the best.  Coach Latson has trained Troy Edwards, 1988 Fred Biletnikoff Award winner, and Trent Taylor, Semi Finalist for the Fred Biletnikoff Award last year.  Coach Latson played stints in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints and the Giants.  Coach Latson aslo coached at the college level for over 6 years.

2017 Spring Hudl

Marshall Jr. caught 5 touchdowns on 5 catches in his spring game as seen in the video below.

Marshall Jr is looking to bring a championship to his high school with the help of 4-Star quarterback Justin Rogers.  Rogers and Marshall Jr. are very close friends and are positioned for a big senior year.

We will keep you updated on Marshall’s championship run and transition to the next level.

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