The Rhare Breed Foundation

5 years ago Professional football players;  Tyron Brackenridge and Robert Bourne best friends who share the same knowledge and passion for the game of football took a leap of faith. Knowing their days of playing would eventually come to an end they embarked on a journey to impact future generations. They created a legacy known as Rhare Breed 7v7. Their vision is to provide college and professional level knowledge, training, and coaching to youth and high school athletes. While teaching how to master the fundamentals Rhare Breeds goal is to perfect each athletes individual craft to help them become stand out players at each level of their career.This goal will help these athletes to define and obtain their dreams.  Rhare Breed has had success at some of the most competitive events on the west coast including wining  Passing Down SoCal Qualifier.

Rhare Breed 7v7 athletes have also obtained nearly 200 college scholarships offers, over 60 players currently playing college football, and hundreds of athletes have been positively impacted by the Rhare Breed program. Over the past 5 years Rhare Breed 7v7 has become a nationally know organization, wining multiple top named tournaments and being ranked as one of the top 25 7v7 organizations.

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