Trey Fisher is a Florida Player You Need To Know

The all star 7v7 circuit is normally reserved for elite rising seniors and juniors with offers and stars.  This is especially true at the quarterback position.  Any one will tell you that nothing is more important than quarterback play.  The quarterback has to beat you with his arm on every possession.  No one told this to Tight Action 2020 quarterback Trey Fisher.

Trey showed up at the Adidas East Coast Invitational and threw 13 touchdowns and 1 interception on a 2 point conversion.   Trey’s team was eliminated by 14 ranked (Top Gun 7v7 Coaches Poll) North Carolina Elite in the  elite eight.  The Adidas East Coast Invitational included some of the best skill players in the country.  Trey is going to be a player to watch on the 7v7 circuit and at showcase camps.  Trey will be attending the Under Armour Camp in Orlando, FL on February 25th, 2017.

Trey understands the process. “I just want to compete and get better.  7v7 helps me put the ball in small windows.  The defense knows that we are throwing on every down so you never have anyone wide open.” Trey said.  Trey has a talented cast of weapons around him including:

Trey attends North Florida Christian in Tallahassee, FL and will be a huge asset for his high school team.  Trey Fisher is  a Player You Need To Know.


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