2017 Pylon Nationals Team Preview: The Bootleggers Got Something to Say!

Bootleggers 7v7

It has been a bit of a boxers schedule this 7 on 7 season for the LA Bootleggers as they only participated in Two Tournaments this season.

Regardless, it doesn’t take much to create an impact. Runners up in the Pylon New Orleans Regional and semifinalists in the Pylon Miami regional, the Bootleggers are a known threat at any tournament the moment they walk off the bus. It’s truly expected that this weekend in Dallas will be no different.

Expect Chunk Plays in abundance with QB Justin Rogers flicking the football around the yard to big time targets including Terrace Marshall (Top Gun 7v7 Receiver of the Year), Ja’marr Chase, Trey Palmer, and Devonta Lee. Play for the deep ball and the wildly underrated Sheldon “Sticks” Jones will kill you in the slot.

On Defense, there’s a bevy of potential lockdown threats on the perimeter such as the rangy¬†Eddie Smith, versatile and physical Kelvin “Fat” Joseph, or budding stars for the class of 2019,¬†Jordan Clark, Derek Stingley, and Chester Kimbrough. Derius Davis, Derek Turner and Lance Robinson handle the middle of the field, with Robinson being a great safety as well.

The Bootleggers are on a mission, a business trip of sorts. No shades, no hats, no photos, no interviews. Why do you ask?

Because the Bootleggers got something to say!

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