2018 Top Gun 7v7 Pre Season Rankings – Top 5

Now that most of the top programs from around the country have hosted tryouts, we will be releasing the 2018 Top Gun 7v7 Pre-Season Rankings five teams at a time over the next two weeks.  These rankings are based on a combination of 2017 results but more importantly the 2018 rosters.

After feedback from 7v7 coaches and the media that cover these events, Top Gun 7v7 will only include certain events in its 2018 Team Rankings.

We are excited to introduce teams #1-#5.

#1 Tucson Turf (Majors) – National Ranking
#1 in West Coast Conference
#1 in Arizona
2018 Preview – Tucson Turf was an easy pick for the 2018 Top Gun 7v7 Pre-Season ranking.  Tucson Turf returns every starter from a 2017 team that won a perfect 5 out of 5 tournaments including the prestigious Pylon National Championship.  Tucson Turf will be lead by the 2017 Top Gun 7v7 Quarterback of the Year, Trenton Bourguet.

Team Guts 7v7

#2 Team GUTS Red – National Ranking
#1 in Midwest Conference
#1 in Indiana
2018 Preview – Team GUTS is the #2 team in our 2018 Pre-Season rankings and arguably the most talented.  Team GUTS won the 2017 IMG National Championship and has one of the best defensive units in the country featuring Jontae Dobson and a host of other teammates from the  2017 6A Indiana High School State Champion team which also finished the seasoned ranking #3 nationally.

#3 Boom Black (Majors) – National Ranking
#2 Midwest Conference
#1 in Illinois
2018 Preview – The 2017 Boom Black team was the most dominant team last year and possibly the most dominant team in the history of 7v7 by featuring two major tournament wins in the same weekend in Orlando Florida last year. The 2018 version of Boom Black has some very big shoes to fill and everyone in the country wants to see if Boom can repeat its dominance in 2018. Boom was the only elite team to travel to two national championship tournaments last year and finished in 2nd place in both.

#4 Hustle Inc (Majors) – National Ranking
#1 in Southeast Conference
#1 in Georgia
2018 Preview – Although Hustle Inc is in its first year as a 7v7 team the program’s founder is not new to the 7v7 landscape. Tony Ballard was the head coach of last year national power house FSS. The Hustle Inc’s roster is absolutely loaded with talent on both sides of the ball and features two elite signal callers who might end up being the #1 quarterback in the their class. Tony has the luxury of having Harrison Bailey (Projected #1 QB in 2020) and Aaaron McLaughlin (Projected #1 QB in 2021).

#5 Heir Football – National Ranking
#1 in Northwest Conference
#1 in Washington
2018 Preview – Nationally ranked Heir Football Academy is led by former Super Bowl Champion Reggie Jones. He brought a lot of talent with him to Heir Football Academy this season and he looks to continue his tradition of national dominance. Reggie established himself as force on the 7v7 circuit last year by traveling to Los Angeles as the head coach of Rise Football and winning the Players of the Future.  Reggie also traveled to Florida and finishing in the final 4 at the IMG National Championship. Everyone wants to know if Reggie and Heir Football Academy can remain in the Top Gun 7v7 top 10 now that everyone knows who they are.

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