Amari Gainer

Amari Gainer attends A-Day Spring Game

4 star OLB Amari Gainer shares his thoughts with TopGun7v7 after A-Day Spring Game visit.  Gainer plays 7v7 for nationally ranked Tight Action Sports.  Alabama laid out the red carpet for Amari Gainer during his visit to Tuscaloosa

Thoughts on A-Day game:  “Alabama played with a lot of energy.  You could feel the intensity that they played with.  It was an exciting and fast pace game.  The atmosphere was like a real game, not just a spring game.  You can tell these guys are use to competing.”

High School Spring Game:  “Since we have a new coach, I am excited about getting back on the field and starting the process to learn what things might change in our scheme.  I will not to start on Monday because baseball playoffs do not start until May 2nd, but I will be ready to go right after baseball is over.”

How has 7v7 improved you game:  “Playing 7on7 for Tight Action Sports has helped me be more comfortable in space.  When I have to step out and cover a slot or a back out the back field, I better understand the routes because of 7on7.  Playing 7on7 also helps me get ready for camps.  When I have to do 1-on-1’s at a camp, it comes easy because I have had to cover the same type  of players at a tournament.  Especially playing 7on7 in Florida, you see the best of the best. Since I am a 4 star everyone wants the chance to win a rep against me, so I have to be ready every snap.  We compete every practice.”

Coach Harrison’s thoughts on Amari:  “Every player that plays 7on7 with me will return back to his high school team a better player.  I guarantee that.  For example, I play Amari some at wide receiver because it helps him to understand what a receiver is trying to do because he has had a chance to play receiver in 7on7.  Coach Korn (Tight Action’s secondary coach and former college coach) is one of the best in the business at teaching coverage concepts and techniques.

Gainer comes from an athletic family.  Gainer’s farther was a receiver for the Seminoles and he played in the NFL.  Gainer’s mother was a cheerleader and track star in high school.  Gainer’s future is bright and we will keep you updated as he navigates the recruiting process.

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