Boom’s Win Streak Ends

Most 7v7 teams hope to win one or maybe two major tournaments a year with the chance to play in June in of the national title events.  For Midwest Boom Black this came in their first major tournament on the circuit at the Pylon Nashville (Regional) tournament.  Any place Midwest Boom Black shows up it is immediate PRESSURE.  Everyone wants to beat Boom.  They are known for hype videos that are funny, exciting, sarcastic and down right entertaining.


Although they celebrate as loud as anyone, they are good sports when the shoe is on the other foot.  This is where the problem starts. Midwest Boom Black has dominated the competition all year.

The staff at Top Gun 7v7 predicts this is the weekend that we will not see any Midwest Boom Black hype videos.  We will not see Boom Black posting trophies of another championship on Sunday.   We are so confident in this because Boom Black is taking the weekend off before traveling to the Adidas National Invitation in Las Vegas, NV.

Boom – Pylon Nashville Champs


Boom – Adidas East Coast Champs


Boom – Pylon Orlando Champs


Boom – Pylon Chicago Champs



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