Brendan Radley-Hiles

Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles – Top Gun 7v7 Player of the Year

Pro Way Training

Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles has been selected as the Top Gun 7v7 top corner back and overall Player of the Year. Radley-Hiles plays 7v7 for nationally ranked Pro Way in California and for IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida.

Top Gun 7v7 was able to catch up with Bookie and Coach Darick to discuss 7v7, ProWay and his senior year at IMG Academy.

Bookie’s take on 7v7: “7v7 has helped my game a lot.  As a corner back it forces you to be technically sound.  You have to rely on your ball skills because you can not use your pads to break up the pass.  It is all fun competing against the best players from all over the country.”

Bookie’s take on ProWay:  “ProWay is more than 7v7.  ProWay is a family.  Coach (Darick Holmes) treats us all like family.  We play together, eat together, train together, camp together.  We are one big family.  It is so much bigger than just 7v7.  Most of us have grown up playing with or against each other.  That is a big reason why we are so hard to beat.  We spend a lot of time together traveling.  ProWay is a big part of the player that I am today.”

(Video Provided by #D1Bound)

Bookie’s take on IMG Academy: “I am excited about playing my senior year at IMG.  It was an easy decision because Brian (Brian Hightower) and TJ (T. J. Pledger) decided to go play at IMG with me.  It was almost like a group decision.  Having my ProWay team mates make it feel like home while I am in Florida. Competing against Brian and T.J. have made me a better player because they are great players.  I get better from practicing against the best.”

Coach Holmes take on Bookie:  “Bookie has always been an exciting player to coach.  He reminds me a lot of the Tyrann Mathews because of his ability to impact the game.  I try to share with these boys about football and about life.  I pour into them everything I have a give it to them real.  I tell them about every mistake I have made so that they can have the most successful future possible.”

You can see from the video below those Honey Badger type instincts: (Video by Hype Sports Network)

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