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Burch Sports is a Team to Watch at Pylon Orlando

Burch Sports Performance

Burch Sports from Jacksonville, Florida is a team to watch on the 7v7 circuit in 2018.  Burch is currently ranked #30 in our National 2018 Pre-Season Rankings and features many of Jacksonville top prospects for the 2019 class.  Burch is playing in Pylon Orlando and if they get on a roll they may be holding the trophy at the end of the day.  Below are some of the key players for the 2018 edition of Burch Sports.

Carson Beck is a 2020 (6’5 215 lbs) QB from Jacksonville, Florida that has been under the radar for the past two years.  Beck has been waiting patiently at Providence High School behind nationally known QB Carter Bradley and Beck got his chance mid-way through his sophomore season.  In 4 games Beck proceeded to rip off over 1,000 yards passing and 16 touchdowns (13passing/3 rushing).  Even for Beck’s size he is extremely athletic.  Beck is a three sport athlete .

Antonio Clary is 2019 Athlete from Sandalwood High School in Jacksonville, Florida.  Clary is already on Jacksonville’s top rated recruits in North Florida and will be a lock down CB for Burch Sport this year.  Clary is as good as advertised.

Jeremiah Peyton is a 2019 receiver from Fletcher High School in Jacksonville, Florida.  Peyton has the potential to be an immediate impact player at the next.  Peyton is an elite talent that is getting better.  He is in the running as the most outstanding Offensive 7v7 Player Of The Year.

Kel McCloud is 2019 RB from Bolles Jacksonville that is a big body receiver for Burch Sports.  McCloud’s ball skills and strong hands in the middle of field will be an issues for corner backs.  McCloud will be a big part of Burch’s success at Pylon Orlando and the remainder of the.

NFA 7v7 QB Film Evaluation – Day 1

There was several talented QBs on display today at the NFA7v7 Nationals.  After detail film study, identified three QBs that graded high based on the following attributes:

  • Ability to scan entire field:  One of the most difficult things to teach QBs at every level is not to stare down receivers
  • Anticipation: Against elite defensive backs the window closes and opens quickly.  Elite QBs have the ability to anticipate that window opening and deliver the ball before the window opens so that the ball arrives on time.
  • Quick Release:  A quick release is required to limit the time defensive backs have to break on the ball.

Michael Haupert – AWP Sports

Haupert displayed many of these characteristics in pool play.  Haupert has a natural feel for manipulating defenses to create windows to deliver the ball.  He also displayed good touch and accuracy on several throws.


Mike Dilliello – Fire7

Dilliello led Fire7 to a 3-1 start in pool play.  Dilliello’s greatest attributes are his accuracy, quick release and ability to move the pocket.  As shown by the video below, Dilliello made several throws in the perfect place that allowed his receivers not to break stride and pick up critical yards after the catch.  Fire7 is Top Gun’s favorite to win the tournament and that will have a lot do with Dilliello’s play at QB.


Ivory Durham IV – Record Breakerz

Durham also led the Record Breakerz to a 3-1 start in pool play, including an impressive win over the #2 nationally ranked Fire7.  Durham by far displayed the most arm talent of any other QB today. His film eval shows Durham consistency scanning the field from side line to side line.  In addition to his vision, Durham made several throws that receiver appears to be fully covered and he delivered the ball in a window that only his receiver could make the catch.  Durham is a dangerous signal caller for any defense.  If Durham gets hot, I expect to to see Fire7 and the Record Breakerz back in the championship game as the last teams standing.


Trey Sanders A-Day Visit Recap

4 star Trey Sanders recaps his second A-Day game visit.   After a long trip back to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, TopGun7v7 had a chance to get Sanders’ initial thoughts after returning home.

How was  A-Day different as a commit:  “My last spring was different because I committed at the last game.  This game was different because I was already committed and it felt like I was already apart of the family.  The atmosphere was great and the environment confirmed that I made the right decision.”

IMG Academy: “IMG Academy is preparing me now to be a college athlete.  I will be better at time management because I have to live away from my parents and learn how to get my school work done and work hard on the field.  Spring starts tomorrow and we have one goal and that is to go undefeated again.

Thoughts on 7on7: “7on7 started my entire recruitment process.  My freshman year I played  for nationally ranked Tight Action 7v7 for Coach Harrison, and he sent my information to several schools and he was a big part of my first offer.  Since I have moved to IMG, I do not have a chance to make many of the tournaments but we are still family.  I will be going to most of the camps this summer with Coach Harrison.  He stays on me to make sure I am doing the right thing.”

Amari Gainer

Amari Gainer attends A-Day Spring Game

4 star OLB Amari Gainer shares his thoughts with TopGun7v7 after A-Day Spring Game visit.  Gainer plays 7v7 for nationally ranked Tight Action Sports.  Alabama laid out the red carpet for Amari Gainer during his visit to Tuscaloosa

Thoughts on A-Day game:  “Alabama played with a lot of energy.  You could feel the intensity that they played with.  It was an exciting and fast pace game.  The atmosphere was like a real game, not just a spring game.  You can tell these guys are use to competing.”

High School Spring Game:  “Since we have a new coach, I am excited about getting back on the field and starting the process to learn what things might change in our scheme.  I will not to start on Monday because baseball playoffs do not start until May 2nd, but I will be ready to go right after baseball is over.”

How has 7v7 improved you game:  “Playing 7on7 for Tight Action Sports has helped me be more comfortable in space.  When I have to step out and cover a slot or a back out the back field, I better understand the routes because of 7on7.  Playing 7on7 also helps me get ready for camps.  When I have to do 1-on-1’s at a camp, it comes easy because I have had to cover the same type  of players at a tournament.  Especially playing 7on7 in Florida, you see the best of the best. Since I am a 4 star everyone wants the chance to win a rep against me, so I have to be ready every snap.  We compete every practice.”

Coach Harrison’s thoughts on Amari:  “Every player that plays 7on7 with me will return back to his high school team a better player.  I guarantee that.  For example, I play Amari some at wide receiver because it helps him to understand what a receiver is trying to do because he has had a chance to play receiver in 7on7.  Coach Korn (Tight Action’s secondary coach and former college coach) is one of the best in the business at teaching coverage concepts and techniques.

Gainer comes from an athletic family.  Gainer’s farther was a receiver for the Seminoles and he played in the NFL.  Gainer’s mother was a cheerleader and track star in high school.  Gainer’s future is bright and we will keep you updated as he navigates the recruiting process.

Cortez Andrews

4 Star Cortez Andrews Visits Georgia

Cortez Andrews is one of the elite 2019 Safeties on the 7v7 circuit for Tight Action Sports out of Tallahassee, Florida.  Tight Action Sports is the #10 Ranked team in the Top Gun Southeastern 7v7 Conference and Andrews is a big part of thier success.  Cortez was recently elevated to a 4 Star prospect by 247Sports. We talked with Andrews on his way to the University of Georgia about the 7v7 season and what he was expecting out of his visit to UGA.

How has 7on7 affected you as a player?
Cortez said: “7on7 has been a big part of my development on and off the field.  Playing 7on7 has helped a lot with my route recognition.  I can recognizing route patterns and predict routes based on alignment and ball placement. If the ball is on the far hash, I know that there are certain route combinations that are more likely based on the release and the down and distance.

In a normal high school game you might play against 1, 2 or maybe 3 elite receivers, but in 7on7 every receiver on the field is a big time player that has speed and must be respected and accounted for.  After playing 7on7 the high school game is a lot slower.  The 7on7 players all have to try out and everyone is fast and athletic to be selected for the team.  Especially 7on7 in the Top Gun Southeastern 7v7 Conference we have 9 nationally ranked teams just in the state of Florida.

The circuit is getting more competitive and exciting with the national and conference rakings. It is fun when the schedule comes out and you see that you are matched up against another nationally ranked team.  That’s what it is all about. COMPETING”

What do you expect out of visit to Georgia?
Cortez said: “I am looking forward to meeting all the coaches and players.  I grew up an Alabama fan since my dad played for Alabama, but since my 7v7 coach (Coach Harrison) is friends with Coach Smart, the transition to develop that relationship with Coach Smart and the University of Georgia will be a lot easier.”

Georgia is making it obvious that they are excited about Andrews’ visit to Athens.  Andrews’ mother, step dad, grandmother, grandfather and 7v7 coach will be playing a big part in Andrews’ decision on signing day.

For those that have not seen Andrews in action, below is Andrews’ 2017 Hudl.

Strong Arm – Got Respect on Their Name

We were very pleased that our latest  Top Gun 7v7 Computer Rankings was very close to the Top Gun 7v7 Coaches Poll Rankings.  The teams that the computer picked were the same teams that the coaches thought were the top teams.

There was ONE BIG exception….Strong Arm.  Strong Arm is the most respected team in the country.  All the coaches and writers say the same thing…“Strong Arm is loaded with talent”. Strong Arm was the only team not ranked in the top 30 computer rankings, but came in at a solid #8 in the Top Gun 7v7 Coaches Poll.  Strong Arm played one of the most difficult tournaments of the season, the Pylon Orlando Super Regional.  Strong Arm was eliminated in a nail biter by #1 ranked Boom Black.

Despite the early lost, almost every coach ranks Strong Arm as one of the top teams in the country.  That type of respect does not come easy. Strong Arm has one of the toughest tryouts in the country.  Below are highlights from Strong Arm’s two day tryout.  If you make Strong Arm’s roster, it means you already have been battle tested.

Strong Arm will be competing Saturday (2/25/2017) in the NFA Sam Madison South Florida Classic.  I would not be surprised if Strong Arm is the last team standing and celebrating with a big time tournament victory.

Take a look at Footballville’s Strong Arm tryout highlights.