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vrashon walker

Don’t Sleep on Vrashon Walker! – Texas

Top Gun 7v7 was at the Rivals/Adidas New Speed Camp in Dallas last weekend. As a sports fan, I enjoyed watching NC State in 1983 win a national championship against the juggernaut “Phi Slamma Jamma” Houston Cougar basketball team. When Buster Douglas knocked “Iron” Mike Tyson through the ropes in 1990 to become the undisputed heavy weight champ of the boxing world…you couldn’t help but say, “way to go Buster!”. In other words, I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. At the Rivals/Adidas camp in Dallas, I found another underdog! Allow me to introduce you to Vrashon Walker.

Vrashon Walker is a 6’0 210 pound outside linebacker. He plays for Killeen High School in Killeen Texas. One look at his Hudl film and you know this kid makes a statement with every tackle. A physical presence on the field, he has other skills as well. Vrashon is an excellent student. His 1200 SAT Score and his 3.68 GPA makes him an asset to any college football program. This however is not just an underdog story, it’s also a comeback story. 3 games into his junior year Vrashon suffered a season ending ankle injury. In those 3 games Walker had 44 tackles (7 for a loss) and 2 sacks. He was on pace for a 146 tackle, 6.5 sack season had he not suffered the injury. Those stats would have placed him among the national leaders.

Vrashon had breaks in his tibia and fibula that required metal screws to be put in his ankle. When I asked how his rehab was going, he had the classic pure athlete response…” too slow”. However, according to his orthopedic surgeon his rehabilitation was remarkably fast as was evident with his performance at the new speed camp. He did not move like a young man recovering from a severe ankle injury. I did not detect any hesitation of movement as he went about his business.

Vrashon Walker left quit an impression on this writer. He is quick to credit his family with who he is as a person. Coach Neil Searcy gets the credit for being the ultimate caretaker of the Kangaroos program and teaching Walker the value of team. Coaches Russell and Cross help him hone his skills as a defender. He also credits the constant grind to be a better team as the glue that binds his team’s comradery. It’s what makes them a family!

Top Gun 7v7 is going to keep an eye turned toward central Texas. To all you college coaches looking for a physically gifted linebacker…you can do a lot worse than an extremely intelligent kid that hits like a truck! Vrashon Walker is your recruit!!! Just check out his Hudl.

Jarel Miller

Jarel Miller is a Texas Player You Need To Know

I was at a state championship game last year when I over heard a Power 5 college coach talking on the phone. The coach said, “ you have any elite small slot receivers..”.  I thought I was in a time machine. Football is truly a copy cat profession. With the recent dominance of the New England Patriots and the obvious match problem that Julian Edelman creates against larger defensive backs,  coaches all want at least one elite small slot receiver.

Jarel Miller is the #1 Ranked Boom Black slot receiver.  Jarel is so smooth that it looks like he is not running, but he is often open in the biggest moments.  Take a look at some of Jarel’s highlights with Boom Black.

Jarel attends Crowley High School in Crowley Texas (Jarel Hudl).  Jarel is a vertical threat and surprises bigger defenders with his jumping ability.   Jarel is the 3rd of 4 brothers that all play ball. His older brothers played at Concordia College and USC(Track & Field) respectively. His brother Jovonte is the 2010 National Champ in the 100 meter and the 2011 National Champ in the Long Jump. Jarel is also a sprinter and Long Jumper.

  • Why did you choose the Boom?
    • “My dad and I felt I was being seriously under recruited. I live with my Mom in Texas and my Dad and Step-mom live in Illinois. My dad and I talk every day about my future, football, and life. One day he text me and asked what was the best 7v7 program in the country. I told him the Midwest Boom. He asked me if I wanted to play with them. I said absolutely. He contacted Coach JR Niklos and Coach Lonny Stare. They allowed me to register and come to the tryout and I made the Team. My parents sacrifice a lot to make sure I get to practice and to the tournaments.”
  • How has the exposure helped you with the recruiting process?
    • “It’s helped a lot. I feel like the part of DFW I live in is highly under recruited. We’ve got some real ballers out there, but we go largely unnoticed. I’ve got great coaches and our team had a great season last year, but the recruiting has been slow. Playing with the Boom has allowed me to get outside of that bubble and play against the best guys in the country! I’ve been on several all-tournament teams. just gave me a 3 Star rating, and I’ve heard from so we’ll see where I grade out. I love playing for the Boom. We travel and we win!”
  • How did you decide to travel from Texas
    • “That was easy. The minute my dad and stepmom said they would cover the cost and my mom said I could do it and she would make sure everything was cool on the Texas end, I was ready to roll Coach Lonny talked to me in detail about my roll on the team and got me up to speed on the offense. I know I create miss matches. I use my height to my advantage. I know I’m not the prototypical receiver, but taller corners can’t keep up with me. They have to come through me to get to the ball and they’re often surprised how many jump balls I win. I’m a long jumper as well so my legs are pretty explosive.”
  • What schools are showing interest?
    • “I’ve had very informal contact from schools. My Dad and I have been to Houston, TCU, Illinois State, Illinois, Eastern, Tennessee State, Vanderbilt, and Mizzou. I’ll be attending Junior days at Vanderbilt and Minnesota in march. This 7v7 season with the Boom has definitely increased the activity in a MAJOR way. I’m anxious to see what happens next.”
  • What schools and camps do you plan to attend this summer?
    • “My family and I have talked about that. I’m not sure yet. I have a list of schools I would love to be a student/athlete at, but I guess it comes down to who wants me. I’ll keep playing hard every play.”
  • What has it been like to be apart of Boom’s historic championship run?
    • “It’s been great! I’m one of the new kids on the block. If you’ve seen the Mixtapes and Coach JR then you get the vibe of the team! He is a ridiculous motivator and coach! We play for him and his family, we play for each other,  and we play for the players that layed the foundation! I was born in California, I live in Texas, but my family is from Chicago. We play to show the Midwest can Ball with anybody! Boom is a full circle opportunity for me. I get to be on such an elite team and it’s where my roots are based.”
  • How will playing 7v7 help you in August/September when the high school season start?
    • “I’ve got great coaches at my high school. Coach James & Coach Newsome do a great job with our program. My Boom coach Lonny Stare has shown me a different way to approach my position. He challenges me to analyze the coverage and make route choices mid-play. My quarterback Drake Davis is one of the most underrated QB’s in the country. He makes quick reads so I’ve gotten better at coming out of my break looking for the ball. I know if I run my routes and get open Drake is going to find me. When I get back in pads I’ll take those lessons with me.”

Jarel Miller is a Texas Player You Need To Know at the Adidas National Invitational in Las Vegas, Nevada.