Cortez Andrews

4 Star Cortez Andrews Visits Georgia

Cortez Andrews is one of the elite 2019 Safeties on the 7v7 circuit for Tight Action Sports out of Tallahassee, Florida.  Tight Action Sports is the #10 Ranked team in the Top Gun Southeastern 7v7 Conference and Andrews is a big part of thier success.  Cortez was recently elevated to a 4 Star prospect by 247Sports. We talked with Andrews on his way to the University of Georgia about the 7v7 season and what he was expecting out of his visit to UGA.

How has 7on7 affected you as a player?
Cortez said: “7on7 has been a big part of my development on and off the field.  Playing 7on7 has helped a lot with my route recognition.  I can recognizing route patterns and predict routes based on alignment and ball placement. If the ball is on the far hash, I know that there are certain route combinations that are more likely based on the release and the down and distance.

In a normal high school game you might play against 1, 2 or maybe 3 elite receivers, but in 7on7 every receiver on the field is a big time player that has speed and must be respected and accounted for.  After playing 7on7 the high school game is a lot slower.  The 7on7 players all have to try out and everyone is fast and athletic to be selected for the team.  Especially 7on7 in the Top Gun Southeastern 7v7 Conference we have 9 nationally ranked teams just in the state of Florida.

The circuit is getting more competitive and exciting with the national and conference rakings. It is fun when the schedule comes out and you see that you are matched up against another nationally ranked team.  That’s what it is all about. COMPETING”

What do you expect out of visit to Georgia?
Cortez said: “I am looking forward to meeting all the coaches and players.  I grew up an Alabama fan since my dad played for Alabama, but since my 7v7 coach (Coach Harrison) is friends with Coach Smart, the transition to develop that relationship with Coach Smart and the University of Georgia will be a lot easier.”

Georgia is making it obvious that they are excited about Andrews’ visit to Athens.  Andrews’ mother, step dad, grandmother, grandfather and 7v7 coach will be playing a big part in Andrews’ decision on signing day.

For those that have not seen Andrews in action, below is Andrews’ 2017 Hudl.

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