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Don’t Sleep on Vrashon Walker! – Texas

Top Gun 7v7 was at the Rivals/Adidas New Speed Camp in Dallas last weekend. As a sports fan, I enjoyed watching NC State in 1983 win a national championship against the juggernaut “Phi Slamma Jamma” Houston Cougar basketball team. When Buster Douglas knocked “Iron” Mike Tyson through the ropes in 1990 to become the undisputed heavy weight champ of the boxing world…you couldn’t help but say, “way to go Buster!”. In other words, I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. At the Rivals/Adidas camp in Dallas, I found another underdog! Allow me to introduce you to Vrashon Walker.

Vrashon Walker is a 6’0 210 pound outside linebacker. He plays for Killeen High School in Killeen Texas. One look at his Hudl film and you know this kid makes a statement with every tackle. A physical presence on the field, he has other skills as well. Vrashon is an excellent student. His 1200 SAT Score and his 3.68 GPA makes him an asset to any college football program. This however is not just an underdog story, it’s also a comeback story. 3 games into his junior year Vrashon suffered a season ending ankle injury. In those 3 games Walker had 44 tackles (7 for a loss) and 2 sacks. He was on pace for a 146 tackle, 6.5 sack season had he not suffered the injury. Those stats would have placed him among the national leaders.

Vrashon had breaks in his tibia and fibula that required metal screws to be put in his ankle. When I asked how his rehab was going, he had the classic pure athlete response…” too slow”. However, according to his orthopedic surgeon his rehabilitation was remarkably fast as was evident with his performance at the new speed camp. He did not move like a young man recovering from a severe ankle injury. I did not detect any hesitation of movement as he went about his business.

Vrashon Walker left quit an impression on this writer. He is quick to credit his family with who he is as a person. Coach Neil Searcy gets the credit for being the ultimate caretaker of the Kangaroos program and teaching Walker the value of team. Coaches Russell and Cross help him hone his skills as a defender. He also credits the constant grind to be a better team as the glue that binds his team’s comradery. It’s what makes them a family!

Top Gun 7v7 is going to keep an eye turned toward central Texas. To all you college coaches looking for a physically gifted linebacker…you can do a lot worse than an extremely intelligent kid that hits like a truck! Vrashon Walker is your recruit!!! Just check out his Hudl.

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