Drake Davis is Rolling!

He’s not tall enough! He’s not athletic enough! He played 1a football…he won’t post those numbers in 8a!

These are all the reasons colleges have given for not offering Naperville North’s Drake Davis a College scholarship to play division 1 football. Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong again. To date the only college smart enough to offer Davis an opportunity to play at the next level is Eastern Illinois. Given the recent successes of Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo you figure the Panther’s always know something about quarterbacks no one else knows. They’re showing that intuition again.

Numbers never lie

Numbers never lie is the most accurate statement anyone has ever made when it comes to the sport of football. To many people get stuck with measurables like height and weight when the real focus should be on talent, heart, wins and loses! Naperville North is 2-0 so far, this season and they have done it in both spectacular and routine fashion. In week 1 the Huskies found themselves down 42-0 late in the 2nd quarter. Davis would admit he needed to catch the pace of the game. The difference in speed between 1A and 8A…boy did he catch up! Quick! Davis would lead his team back to a 53-49 victory! The largest comeback in a football game on any level! Davis would end the game with over 400 yards of total offense and 6 touchdowns. 4 passing 2 rushing. Last evening Drake Davis was still rolling. Not needing any end game heroics, Davis put the whole toolbox on display. Davis would pass for nearly 300 yards and run for nearly 100. He would have five more touchdowns through the air and run one in himself. He has an opportunity to put his name all over the IHSA state record book. Watching him play two things leap out at you, the way he throws his receivers open and how he constantly has his eyes downfield! Greg Powers from Scout.com refers to Davis as ‘Joe Cool’. I think that is the perfect name for Davis. Anyone with enough poise to lead a team back from a 42-point deficient in a half of a game is extremely ‘Cool’!

Drake Davis is the real deal!

I saw the kid play several times this spring and time after time he made a great throw to help his Midwest Boom Team win championship after championship. Champions expect to win no matter what…Davis wears that expectation on his extremely stoic face! College coaches figure it out! Davis is going to be someone’s greatest asset and everyone else’s worst nightmare! Winners win at 6 feet the same way they win at 6’3.

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