Ford Sports Performance – Top Gun 7v7 Program of the Year

Ford Sports Performance (FSP) is the Top Gun 7v7 2017 program of the year.  Ford Sport Performance is based out of Bellevue Washington and is much more than a 7v7 program.  CEO Tracey Ford has created a full development program that takes players from high school to college and even the NFL.  Although Ford Sports Performance fields some of the best 7v7 teams in the country, what makes Ford Sports Performance special is everything they do outside of 7v7.


FSP is one of two programs in the country with two nationally ranked teams.  FSP Blue Chip and FSP Select are both ranked in the top 20 national rankings.  You can argue that a combined FSP team would be one of the top 5 teams in the country.  The program started doing 7v7 in 2014 and has quickly become a nationally known program.  You can ask any team from Florida to California and they all say the same thing, “Those boys from Washington can play”.

Tracey works closely with its players to make sure they are getting exposure at camps to secure scholarships. Tracey Ford understands the big picture and has a process that the kids trust.

FSP Players at Utah Football Camp after 7v7 season

FSP has helped its athletes secure over 51 scholarships in this year alone to almost every major conference in the country.


In addition to high school training, Tracey trains a group of college players and college signees at FSP. Tracey’s college players include names such as Myles Gaskin, Connor Weddington, Foster Sarrell, Hunter Bryant and Henery Rogers just to name a few.


FSP also has a fully integrated NFL combine training and NFL off season program.  On any day of the week FSP may be training Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, KJ Wright, Shaq Thompson, Justin Britt, Myles Jack or Budda Baker just to name few. The pro guys do more than just train with Tracey. The NFL players give back. Below is a video of LA Rams 4th Round Pick working with a UW signee.

Tracey Ford has created the model program that is well beyond 7v7. Top Gun 7v7 will keep you updated on the up and upcoming prospects coming out of the FSP camp.  SALUTE to Tracey Ford and Ford Sport Performance for everything that they are doing.

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