NFA 7v7 QB Film Evaluation – Day 1

There was several talented QBs on display today at the NFA7v7 Nationals.  After detail film study, identified three QBs that graded high based on the following attributes:

  • Ability to scan entire field:  One of the most difficult things to teach QBs at every level is not to stare down receivers
  • Anticipation: Against elite defensive backs the window closes and opens quickly.  Elite QBs have the ability to anticipate that window opening and deliver the ball before the window opens so that the ball arrives on time.
  • Quick Release:  A quick release is required to limit the time defensive backs have to break on the ball.

Michael Haupert – AWP Sports

Haupert displayed many of these characteristics in pool play.  Haupert has a natural feel for manipulating defenses to create windows to deliver the ball.  He also displayed good touch and accuracy on several throws.


Mike Dilliello – Fire7

Dilliello led Fire7 to a 3-1 start in pool play.  Dilliello’s greatest attributes are his accuracy, quick release and ability to move the pocket.  As shown by the video below, Dilliello made several throws in the perfect place that allowed his receivers not to break stride and pick up critical yards after the catch.  Fire7 is Top Gun’s favorite to win the tournament and that will have a lot do with Dilliello’s play at QB.


Ivory Durham IV – Record Breakerz

Durham also led the Record Breakerz to a 3-1 start in pool play, including an impressive win over the #2 nationally ranked Fire7.  Durham by far displayed the most arm talent of any other QB today. His film eval shows Durham consistency scanning the field from side line to side line.  In addition to his vision, Durham made several throws that receiver appears to be fully covered and he delivered the ball in a window that only his receiver could make the catch.  Durham is a dangerous signal caller for any defense.  If Durham gets hot, I expect to to see Fire7 and the Record Breakerz back in the championship game as the last teams standing.


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