Strong Arm – Got Respect on Their Name

We were very pleased that our latest  Top Gun 7v7 Computer Rankings was very close to the Top Gun 7v7 Coaches Poll Rankings.  The teams that the computer picked were the same teams that the coaches thought were the top teams.

There was ONE BIG exception….Strong Arm.  Strong Arm is the most respected team in the country.  All the coaches and writers say the same thing…“Strong Arm is loaded with talent”. Strong Arm was the only team not ranked in the top 30 computer rankings, but came in at a solid #8 in the Top Gun 7v7 Coaches Poll.  Strong Arm played one of the most difficult tournaments of the season, the Pylon Orlando Super Regional.  Strong Arm was eliminated in a nail biter by #1 ranked Boom Black.

Despite the early lost, almost every coach ranks Strong Arm as one of the top teams in the country.  That type of respect does not come easy. Strong Arm has one of the toughest tryouts in the country.  Below are highlights from Strong Arm’s two day tryout.  If you make Strong Arm’s roster, it means you already have been battle tested.

Strong Arm will be competing Saturday (2/25/2017) in the NFA Sam Madison South Florida Classic.  I would not be surprised if Strong Arm is the last team standing and celebrating with a big time tournament victory.

Take a look at Footballville’s Strong Arm tryout highlights.

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