Top Gun 7v7 Top 5

Top Gun 7v7 18u National Composite Ranking includes select events across the country based on the depth of competition at each event.  The remaining teams will be released next week.

Congratulations to the Top 5.
Updated 4.9.2018

#1 Premium  Gas – 18u – National Ranking
#1 in West Coast Conference
#1 in California
2018 Summary
Premium has three 1st place finishes in three of the most competitive super regional tournaments in the country.

  • 1st Place at King of IE Super Regional – Wins over Nationally Ranked Ground Zero and Rharebreed
  • 1st Place at Adidas West Coast Super Regional – Featured over 15 Nationally Ranked teams including Pro Way, FSP, KT Prep, All American Pride just to name a few.  Only the Adidas Nationals had more nationally ranked teams in one tournament.
  • 1st Place at Passing Down IE Super Regional – Passing Down IE Super Regional is one of the biggest and most competitive Passing Down events on the Passing Down circuit.

#2 Tucson Turf  – 18u – National Ranking
#2 in West Coast Conference
#1 in Arizona
2018 Summary
Tucson Turf has been the top program in the past two years and features on the top quarterbacks in the country, Trenton Bourget. Trenton picked up his first offer earlier this year and is expecting to continue lighting up the 7v7 and camp circuit.

1st Place at Pylon Vegas National – won the largest tournament on the circuit with wins over 3 nationally ranked teams Fire8, State48 and FSP.

1st Place at Pylon Indianapolis Regional – Pylon Indianapolis was a 17 team tournament but did not feature any teams in the top 25.  Tucson Turf defeated a top 50 nationally ranked 412 Elite in the championship game.

#3 Fire 8– 18u – National Ranking
#1 in Southeast Conference
#1 in Florida
2018 Summary
Fire8 maybe the most talented team in the country and has 2 Super Regional wins.

1st Place at Pylon Orlando Super Regional – Pylon Super Regional was the first major tournament of the year and featured Top 25 Natioally Ranked teams Rat Pak, Miami Immortals, South Florida Express, Team Texas Swoosh and several other Top 50 teams.

1st Place at Music City Super Regional – Featured wins over Top 10 Cam Newton 7v7 in the championship game after bus breaking down on the way to the tournament on 1-95. Fire8 showed up after missing pool play and entering elimination as the bottom seed.

#4 Texas Air Raid  – 18u – National Ranking
#1 in Southwest Conference
#1 in Texas
2018 Summary
Texas Air Raid has won 3 Super Regional events that includ Top 25 nationally ranked teams including True Buzz, Team Texas Elite, Mississippi Grind, Cam Newton 7v7, Unsigned Preps and Fast Arkansas.  Texas Air Raid is a combined 28-1 this season and feature to slot receivers

1st Place Elite 32 Dallas Texas – Texas Air Raid went undefeated and beat nationally ranked Mississippi Grind in the championship game. The tournament included Team Texas Elite, Fast Arkansas and True Buzz.

1st Place EndZone Super Regional – Texas Air Raid was dominant at one of the most competitive tournaments in Texas.

1st Place Elite 32 Tampa Super Regional – Texas Air Raid made the trip from Texas to Florida and went undefeated for the tournament and beat Top 10 nationally ranked Cam Newton 7v7 in the championship game.

#5  South Florida Express  – 18u – National Ranking
#2 in Southeast Conference
#2 in Florida
2018 Summary
South Florida Express won the most competitive tournament in the country with almost 20 teams in the Top Gun 7v7 Top 25.

1st Place at Adidas National Championship  – the Adidas National Championship was the most competitive tournament of the 2018 season and no other tournament will feature more nationally ranked teams.

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