Trenton Bourguet – From Tucson Turf 7v7 to Marana High School

Now that the 2017 7v7 season is in the books, will be following the top 7v7 programs, players and coaches into the high school season.  We will start with  the #1 Ranked Tucson Turf and the Top Gun 7v7 QB of the Year Trenton Bourguet .  Marana High School hosts consistent state powerhouse Ironwood Ridge this Friday (8/18/2017).  Marana has never beaten Ironwood Ridge in the programs history, but Trenton is counting on the success from Tucson Turf 7v7 being able to carry over to the high school season.

Trenton Bourguet ( QB ,’19) Alfred Ebanoha ( WR, CB, ’20 ) Diego Miranda ( WR, DB, ’19) Coben Bourguet ( QB, ’20) Teon Simmons ( WR, DB, ’18) Tariq Jordan ( WR, DE, ’19) Squatting: Tito Valenzuela ( WR, CB, ’18) Andrew Smith ( WR, S, ’18)[Photo by isoVPStudios]

Many say football is the ultimate team sport. Few will argue that stats and numbers are important variables when measuring success as a team and as an individual player. In a world where it seems that everything is measured and remeasured at events and combines, from your 40 to your height and weight. There is one measurement that seems to keep getting left out and that’s the true measure of success in football. That one uniques stat that continues to stand out above all the rest is always found in bold print and it is WINS. Some of the most elite high school athletes in the US will line up under center this fall and many of them will fit the typical 6’3″ 210lb kid that can throw it 65 yards and probably has several D-1 offers. But out West in the outlying mountains of the desert town of Marana, AZ is where one of the winningest quarterbacks in the nation at any level continues to do what he does best, WIN! Trenton “T” Bourguet (2019) leads his teams to victory and he’s been doing it his entire life.

High School
In his first 5 games of freshman football he had 32 TDs and rarely saw the second half. When he was thrust into the starting role on varsity he was all of 5’6″ and 125lbs. In relief of the injured starter the team went 3-0 and he put up some crazy numbers. In those 3 starts he ended up having 11 incompletions to his 12 TDs ( RG3 Baylor numbers ) with a completion rate of 78% over that span. In one game he went 5-6 with 3 TDs and just shy of 200 yards. He finished the year as a starter in high school 8-0.

For his limited work he earned Tucson’s Freshman of the Year and was voted a First Team All-State Underclassmen. As a Sophomore he had to play all over the field on varsity. He played 5 different positions and once again went 3-0 as a starting varsity QB. Despite very limited playing time at QB he was still amongst the leaders in the state in several categories. Sometimes he got into a game and threw the ball 1 time for a completion and then spent the rest of the time as a lockdown corner and running routes at slot. Unfortunately when this happened it really skewed his QB stats. He finished the
year getting honored as a conference first team Athlete. This year he is looking to finally have that break-out year as the starting QB and the offense is full of his weapons from the National Champion 7on7 team.

The Foundation
Over the past Spring and Summer 7on7 circuit some people were surprised to
see the success of Bourguet’s Tucson Turf team. Between his school and Tucson Turf his teams lost a total of 3 games and won over 50. These wins included a Pylon National win over national favorite and defending champion Midwest Boom Black and Marana hung the only summer loss to AZ 6A powerhouse Chandler HS. Those who have followed him through the years weren’t surprised at all by his continued success. His grandparents will tell you stories about him being 2 and 3 years old and never leaving the house without his football or basketball. At family gatherings he would just play catch for hours with anybody who would catch for him and everybody say,“That boy’s going to be something special someday.” In his first semester of Pre-K his teachers compiled his doodling book which the kids did every day in class and when they handed it to his parents they had a confused expression. While most doodled and drew stick figures and flowers he did something never seen before by the staff. They said, “We’re not really sure what this is but he really took his time doing it.” What they were looking at was Trenton’s first playbook. Not only did he draw each play with detail but he could explain every play and why he had certain routes going short and going long. His father Toby Bourguet says, “Every child is wired differently and he is our oldest of 6 and football has always been a big part of our life. I play competitive flag football every week and we have spent most Fridays supporting our my alma-mater Marana High School and on Saturdays we go and watch AZ Football so it’s what we did as a family and he really took a real liking to it.” As any parent will tell you exposing a child to activities is one thing but when a child turns that exposure into a driven passion it can be a really neat thing to watch unfold.

The BIG Stage
In the town of Marana he is somewhat of a local flag-football legend. His last 7 years of playing flag-football in Marana and Tucson he didn’t have a single blemish on his record as a starting QB. Coaches say he was calling his own plays at the age of 7. They gave him the freedom to do it because they were his Uncle and Father, both former and current athletes and they knew what they recognized his gifts.
His Uncle, Sean Roebuck explains, “I’ve been around All-American athletes and played side by side with them but I knew when “T” was very young that he was special, there was no other way to describe it, he’s got the skills but more importantly he has the brain.” It was around the age of 7 that Trenton and his 2 younger brothers and a couple younger cousins went to a National Flag Football event in Dallas hosted by Deion Sanders. This would be the first time he played on a national stage and he didn’t disappoint. Over the course of the weekend he raced to over 20 TDs on the ground and threw for another 20. After dominating the their own age group his team of 5 – 7 year olds played the 10 year old champions from the older division and he broke a game winning run against them as well. By the time his team was in the finals the field was lined with players and spectators alike to see this little kid called “T” from AZ do his best impression of Michael Vick. After accepting the championship trophy from Prime Time himself Deion asked to speak to his parents and had a simple message, he said, “This one is special, make sure he stays the course,” his parents just smiled and thanked him for the compliment because his was beginning to be a familiar message.

With so much success in flag-football the most popular statement was always, “He’s too little, we’ll see how he does in pads.” But when he did finally strap his pads on at 10 years old he scored 16 TDs on 22 touches, his first touch ever was an 80 yard TD run. But seeing that the tackle game wasn’t improving his game as much as it was putting him at risk for possible injury his pads were shelved until middle school. His focus would remain on honing his skills in flag-football. His teams were taken anywhere and everywhere they could find competition in the country and they just kept on winning. Many times he’d play in his own division and jog over and play in the older kids division just to keep growing his game. One popular story is that of former Arizona Wildcat receiver Gino Crump. He had met Trenton and his family and had developed a close relationship with them. One Saturday Crump brought some other players out to one of “T’s” games and as they walked up one of the college players said, “I heard you were real, but I bet you can’t score 10 touchdowns!” Over the next 2 halves Trenton proceeded to score TDs in every way possible. He scored them running, passing, pick 6’s and he just smiled and counted them down as he scored his 9th and 10th.” This sort of success didn’t get lost when he went back into pads in middle school tackle. In an 11 game span over 2 short seasons he was responsible for 44 TDs, this included passing, running, kick and punt returns, and pick-6’s.

Trenton Middle School Highlights

Nobody thought these sort of numbers would be challenged but his younger brother National middle school standout Treyson “Boots” Bourguet scored 18 TDs in 4 games last fall at the same middle school and he has this fall to see if he can eclipse his brother’s total.

To understand the competitive nature of Trenton you have to start with his family. In the Bourguet household there are 5 boys and 1 girl ranging from 17 down to 5, they are all active in church, school and sports. Both parents had their fair share of success in their days as student athletes and they are both avid fans of athletics. The first thing you see as you enter their home is a full size basketball hoop mounted to the wall. Games of H-O-R-S-E are daily duels between siblings and anybody else coming to the house wanting a challenge. While they compete on the fields, courts, and even wrestling mats you will also find that they all compete just as hard in the classroom. The 2nd son Coben (Class of 2020) and Trenton’s backup QB this fall for Marana leads the way with a 4.3 GPA and he’s followed by three 4.0’s and Trenton’s 3.9 GPA, their youngest doesn’t qualify yet but he got stars across the board in Pre-K so we’ll count those as A’s. His mother Vanessa added, “We place a high standard of expectations on our kids and being the oldest of his siblings has always helped keep him driven to set the bar.” She also states “Most importantly our kids recognize Jesus as their ultimate coach in life and they do not waiver in their faith or drive to be much more than a successful athlete in their lives.” It’s not unusual to have 30 to 40 people at any given game of our kids, that’s just the type of family we have, we’re very blessed to have lots of support.

Coach Trenton
Although he is a 2 sport varsity athlete with his nose in the books he can be found most weekends on the same fields at the local park where he used to dominate. Except nowadays he’s doing what he perhaps does even better than play, he’s a volunteer coach for the programs youth teams. When Tucson Turf coaches are chosen and divided amongst the 5 or 6 teams they are taking to tournaments it’s said that the teams all want Trenton to coach their team. When he’s announced they celebrate like they’ve won the national title. These are the things that aren’t seen when college coaches look at his height of 5’11 and weight of 160lbs. They can’t see the passion of a champion who has been in the saddle as a player-coach at the highest level of football competition in the states for 10 years, where he has helped
lead his teams to 22 National Titles as the winning QB and not lost a varsity start. He has played so many games and been in so many pressure situations that he doesn’t blink,he’s proven he just get’s the job done. His flag-football career wrapped up with an NFL Flag National Championship won at the Super Bowl and broadcast live on National TV.

Most every kid that was part of his local champion flag football teams, his NFL-Flag National Championship team, and this summers Pylon National team will be on the receiving end of his passes this varsity season. Just like Trenton doesn’t jump off the page when you give him the eye test neither did the Tucson Turf Championship team. Not one player had a single offer and not one of them has a star rating. Yet, they went to 4 tournaments and brought home the hardware at each one of them with Trenton being named Most Outstanding Player at both National Pylon events that were loaded with 4 and 5-Star QBs and players. As Pylon Owner and Director Baron Flenory has been telling people for years since he named Trenton the National Most Outstanding Player after leading Tucson Turf to the middle school Championship as an 80lb 7th grader.

Chris Circo’s (Battle Sponsor) take on Trenton
“I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Trenton, the Borquet family and their extended football family over the last few years.  When I met all of them for the first time at a national flag tournament, my first impression was a lasting one.  I was awed by a very special group of people that came together for their children, each other and the sport of football.  I have stood on the sidelines watching “T” play flag, 7v7 and tackle football.  I was not at all surprised as Tucson Turf 7v7 started to win national events with “T” leading the way.  Trenton possess all the tools to be an exceptional QB at the highest levels.  However, in my view, the most impressive thing about Trenton is the type of young man he is off the field.  I look forward to watching him develop as a great player and a man.

Remember the Name
If you don’t know this kid’s name you’d better get out a pen because you will, Trenton Bourguet is the real deal! He was also named TopGun7v7 2017 National QB of the year this summer and his school took home 2 Championship trophies on their high school scholastic circuit. The #1 ranked Tucson Turf will have all but 4 players back for another championship run come spring. But for now Trenton will try and lead his high school, Marana High, the same high school his Grandpa played for, the same high school his Dad played for and the same high school he’s grown to love to their first State Title in 49years. If somebody simply looks at the kid on paper they may never get past his size but for those who know the story and the young man you might not be shocked to see Trenton Bourguet holding up some Championship hardware at the end of the season. It’s an easy stat that the greats seem to share, WIN!

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